Ferraris, McLarens, Bugattis: Tell us again how it's hard being a gangsta

50 Cent may have a thing for off-the-rack Pontiacs, but most self-respecting rappers got images to maintain, know what I mean? So it's high-horsepower, top-dollar, ultra rare exotics for most of 'em. Take, for example Busta Rhymes and the aforementioned 50 Cent. At least at one time, both of them owned Lamborghini Murcielagos. Pharrell Williams has one of the remaining uncrashed Enzos. Jay-Z is a well-known Mercedes man, and his fleet boasts not only a G55, but also a Maybach among other things.

Then there's Wyclef Jean, who doesn't mess around with all those high-production Ferraris. No, Jean snagged himself a McLaren F1, which means I may have to become a fan.

But some rappers like their horses vintage, like Funkmaster Flex, who is known to have a 1966 Impala SS 396 and The Game, who is a '70 Chevelle owner.

But when all the rappers get together on Friday nights in the local high school parking lot, it's Scott Storch whose wheels get the attention these days. Parked between his Enzo and McLaren is a Bugatti Veyron.

I knew I shoulda stuck with those piano lessons in fifth grade. Dang.

[Source: Forbes]

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