Bring Back the SHO: How about a coupe?

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There is a small contingent of enthusiasts, myself included, who would love to see the SHO badge return for a lucky Ford product. Being that it was originally used on a high-performance variant of the Taurus, it would make sense that the newly renamed 2008 Ford Taurus be first in line. Unfortunately, what was once the best-selling mid-size family sedan in the U.S. is now a certified Large Car by the EPA. Not exactly the most ideal canvas for a sports sedan.

We've shown you renderings in the past of what a resurrected Taurus SHO might look like, and while it could look good, damn good actually, anyone who's driven the new Taurus (it's currently in the Autoblog Garage, we'll have a review up soon) will tell you that it's entirely ill suited to be a SHO., a website that holds vigil for the return of my favorite car, has produced most of the late-model Taurus SHO renderings we've shown you, and they've produced their most interesting batch yet.

What about a Taurus SHO Coupe? Built on a shortened wheelbase, it would weigh less than the sedan, while still incorporating a serious motor (TwinForce anyone?) and all-wheel drive. We've got plenty of pics in the gallery below for you to consider. Some will still hate the idea, but I'm behind any plan that brings back the SHO.


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