You think the Fiat 500 is based on an iPod? Wait for the Apple VW joint effort

OK, this is going to be a bit speculative. But I hope you'll forgive a bit of rumor-mongering and wishful thinking at the end of the day.
As Autoblog mentioned yesterday, Apple and Volkswagen are reportedly in talks to co-develop a vehicle together (let's hope they don't call it the iCar or the iBug). Automotive News (subs req'd) reminds us that the two companies worked together in a 2003 promotion that gave new VW buyers in America a free iPod. Autoblog recycles the joke that, "The world has waited long enough for a car that runs on sunlight, is reliable, five times as fast and is twice as easy to drive," but I don't think they're totally off-base.

Take VW's recent push to bring out more smaller cars and plenty of diesels and the whole BlueMotion thing; add in Apple's move to produce greener computers (finally), and I just don't see this car - if it is ever produced - being a gas guzzler. What's your take?

[Source: Autoblgo, Automotive News]

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