I wish my S60 could conjure up a little coffee avatar in the LCD screen like the new S80 can. It'd be even better if it could perk a cup up for me. The new pictogram fun is part of a rollout of new safety features from the Swedish automaker. Coming to Volvo stores before the end of the year should be a Collision Warning with Auto Brake system, Driver Alert Control, and adaptive cruise control. The new safety features will be in the new large Volvos based on the EUCD platform; the S80, XC70 and V70.

Collision Warning with Auto Brake is a descriptively named system that will sound alarms should sensors detect a collision is imminent, and if the driver doesn't react, the system will apply the brakes. Driver Alert Control is a vehicular big brother that keeps an eye on how you're doing. If it detects erratic driving, it will suggest that you take a breather. We bet you could trigger the coffee cup icon by clipping an apex or two and making sharp, decisive inputs to the controls, but then again, Volvos tend to be tuned to allow a bit of entertainment before they say "Ja, shoor, dat's fun, but you could crash, don'tchaknow."

[Source: Engadget]

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