Hello, what's this? Lambo SUV or Porsche GT Coupe?

Just like the NSX mule that's been spotted ripping around, this Porsche Cayenne is masquerading as something it's not. What the end result actually is remains a mystery, but something's using fat-ass über-SUV duds to fly incognito. Motor Authority reports that there's a Lamborghini LM002 successor lurking under there. The Lambo-ute successor reportedly uses a version of the Cayenne platform, likely powered by the Gallardo V10.
GermanCarBlog, on the other hand, attributes the outward subterfuge to development work on a Porsche GT Coupe. The bodies are rumored to be mere shells, with a lot of hardware stripped. How else would you explain their scorching times around the 'Ring? Whatever it turns out to be, we'll try to corner someone from Porsche or Lamborghini in Frankfurt and get some hints.

[Source: Carspynew via GermanCarBlog]

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