Here's a joke from the show New Adventures Of Old Christine. Christine, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, is accused of being racist by Barb. Christine says she cannot be racist because she drives a Prius. Do racists hate good gas mileage? She also says "I love gay causes. I use to drive a Miata." Funny stuff from the episode "The other F word." This is not the first time hybrids have come up the show.

Take this summary for the episode Crash: "When Christine's environmentally-friendly hybrid car and Marly's gas-guzzling monster SUV hit one another, it becomes a bigger dispute than simply who hit whom. While her car is in the shop, Christine is forced to go against her principles and rent a luxury SUV when no other car is available." I will look out for a repeat. Until then, enjoy this commercial with Christine getting in her Prius.

[Source: YouTube]

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