Nissan to unveil an electric prototype in Frankfurt

Nissan has announced a concept EV, called Mixim, for the Frankfurt Motor Show. The vehicle has four-wheel drive because two sets of motors (called supermotors) are placed on each axis. The batteries are Li-Ion. No information about performance is given in the press release, although they're called "fast" and "endurant".

Among the design ideas of the EV, one of the most remarkable is the driving position right in the middle of the car, leaving two recessed passenger seats at each side of the driver, a fourth folded right behind. The controls are said to be inspired by video game pads. It's shorter and lower than a current Micra (3.7 m - 12 ft 3 in- long and 1.8 m -6 ft- high).

Because this is a concept, Nissan states clearly that no mass production is guaranteed, although the car has been developed along the principles of the Nissan Green Program.

Other products Nissan is offering in the greenest spectre of their model line (albeit for size) are a new paint on the Micra C+C and the refreshed Micra (with new interiors, stereo with MP3 input and a speed limiting chime).
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[Source: Nissa, h/t to Domenick]

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