Fly to work with a water-propelled rocket pack?

Will the day ever come when we see a car run on water? As we showed you earlier, Purdue is working on just that. What would the next logical step be? How about a jet pack that runs on water? Not what you were thinking, was it? Somebody out there is thinking of it, though, and here is the patent to prove it. I honestly can't imagine anybody flying around in the sky with a huge camelback strapped to their backs with a nozzle shooting water at super-high-pressure down at mere walking pedestrians on the ground, but what do I know? Maybe the pack can be flown over water only.

The patent says that this "persona; propulsion device" has a pump which could "provide a mass flow rate of water to the thrust assembly sufficient to lift 200 pounds a height of 30 feet for a sustained period of time." Sounds like good, safe fun to us!

[Source: Free Patents Online via Engadget]

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