Apple, Volkswagen creating the iCar?

For years, an Apple-designed car has been both the butt of jokes and the dream of many an Apple fanboy. Could a fashionably cool car from Cupertino be on the horizon? German publication Sueddeutsche reports that Volkswagen chief Martin Winterkorn has been talking to Apple's CEO Steve Jobs about something, though exactly what isn't totally clear.
If you're a follower of Apple product development, you know rumors and speculation can run absurdly wild years before the company unveils anything official. Combine that fact with Google's ability to translate German (Google says Martin winter grain is the head of VW, for example) and the two might have only gotten together for a rousing game of Donkey Kong on Jobs' iPhone.

[Sources: Sueddeutsche via MacDailyNews, Financial Times Deutschland via EE Times, and Snopes]

There's only a report in EE Times about a quote in Financial Times Deutschland that has a VW spokesperson saying Winterkorn and Jobs did indeed meet, that negotiations are ongoing and that there are "lots of ideas but no specific plans."

Very interesting indeed, especially to many of the Mac evangelists and confirmed gearheads here at Autoblog. The world has waited long enough for a car that runs on sunlight, is reliable, five times as fast and is twice as easy to drive. Even though Apple's long-rumored car supposedly only works on about 5% of the nation's roads, that shouldn't concern most drivers, since they hardly ever drive on the other 95% anyway.

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