Tochigi test-drive: Nissan GT-R

Although the reveal of the Nissan GT-R is less than two months away, details surrounding the coupe's performance prowess have mainly centered on speculated stats and spy shots showing a Porsche 911 Turbo in tow around the Nurburgring. According to an interview with an unnamed test-driver in Japan's Car Top magazine, certain PR-types and marketing people at Nissan got a special treat earlier this month when the automaker brought out a few GT-Rs, a handful of hot shoes, a Z33 Fairlady Z and a 911 Turbo to run laps around the Tochigi proving grounds.

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During the three-day track assault, lucky Nissan personnel were asked to get behind the wheel of the other two vehicles before taking control of the GT-R. The course involved a 100 MPH slalom (nothing about the spacing of the cones), high speed braking tests and bombing the banked oval track. According to Car Top's source, the new GT-R felt as if it were producing upwards of 450 HP, and that the suspension was incredibly stable at sustained high-speeds (the limiter was apparently removed). The braking power provided by the Brembo units supposedly, "has to be experienced first hand" and the seven-speed semi-automatic gearbox was smooth, fast and maybe even better than VW's own DSG setup.

The driver quoted in the article had several other notable tidbits, specifically that four color choices would be available (silver, gunmetal gray, black and white) and he aided Car Top's CG gurus in creating a mock-up of what the production rear-end would look like (right).

Additionally, seven different GT-R models will be released worldwide, with a total of 19 different engine maps, all of which will be dependent on the market the vehicle is sold. However, don't expect a six-speed manual version to be released at the same time as its auto-box counterpart, since Nissan is having issues reducing emissions to acceptable levels.

Our friends over at 7Tune were able to decipher the entire article, and you can read it here in it's entirety.

[Source: 7tune]

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