2009 Dodge Journey: More images released

click above image to view new high-res pics of the 2009 Dodge Journey

We're still divided on our feelings about the 2009 Dodge Journey, and after reading the comments can tell that many of you are, too. To help us decide one way or the other, Dodge has released some new pics of the CUV, all of which show the vehicle being driven on the open road. Truthfully, these shots were conspicuously absent from the batch we received when the Journey was unveiled a few days ago, as it always helps when judging a design to see it in the environment we expect it to be used.

The design of the 2009 Journey is by far the safest introduced by Dodge in a long time. This is the brand that brought us the Charger, Avenger, Nitro and Caliber, all of which stand out in their segments for better or worse. Perhaps Dodge knows that the CUV market is ripe, and just offering a product in the segment will attract sales. With that in mind, they may have settled on the design that was least offensive to the masses in order to maximize sales.

[Source: Dodge]

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