Green Options teaches you how to ride your bike to work

It's no secret that we like bikes around here. In fact, some of us AutoblogGreen bloggers have been known to ride to work now and then. Being that we've done it ourselves before, we can heartily recommend to you readers that you should give it a try. Especially with the invention of the electrically assisted bikes that are becoming commonplace, riding to work can save you time and make you feel better, not to mention the positive impact on the traffic patterns and environment.

But, we're also sure that you have your doubts, as well you should. So, to help you consider the pros and cons of riding your bicycle to work, Shane Jordan over at Green Options has made up a list of commonly asked questions and provided convincing answers to each of them. Check it out! To get you all ready to read the article, here is a list of what he's writing about:
  • "'s too dangerous."
  • "But... it's too far to ride."
  • "'s too cold/hot."
  • "But... there are no bike lanes/trails."
  • "But... where will I put my briefcase?"
There you have it. Take a look and see if you could give it a try.

[Source: Green Options]

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