BMW joins smart in threatening copy-cat Chinese

You might recall a post last week regarding a little tiff between Smart and Shuanghuan, the purveyors of the Noble, a dead ringer for the German firm's fortwo. That vehicle, along with an SUV dubbed the CEO, will be gracing the stand of the Chinese automaker next month in Frankfurt, and it looks as though BMW may be considering legal action as well.

The CEO has a distinctly last-gen. X5 feel to it, particularly when viewed in profile and from the rear. According to Automotive News' sister publication, Automobilwoche, BMW is considering legal action if and when the CEO is unveiled, and may attempt to halt distribution of the SUV in Europe.

The IAA, the governing body for next month's show, has regulations in place that would require copyright violators to remove its products, and its entire exhibition space, from the show floor if a court-imposed injunction is filed.

We're hoping to be on hand next month if an international incident does, in fact, takes place.

[Source: Automotive News – Sub. Req.]

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