Porsche RS Spyder set for European LeMans debut

Porsche is finally set to race the RS Spyder in Europe. Making its debut next season in Europe's Le Mans Series, this LMP2 dominator will be further restricted to help it stay behind the P1 cars. While P1 was intended to be for factory teams with professional drivers, and P2 was envisioned as a class for customer cars and amateur pilots, the Porsche P2 team has been more like a P1 effort in ALMS races.

In order to keep things closer to the ideal, the Dutch Equipe Verschuur team will only use one professional driver in 2008. Well, at Le Mans they will use two pros, but for the rest of the season they have entered a "gentleman's agreement" to run only one. Additionally, the LMP2 cars, including the Verschuur Porsche, will also have their minimum weight raised by 50kg to 825kg. Similar restrictions in ALMS racing haven't had the desired effect, but this should help them stay off the top step. Or, you know, not.

[Source: Autoweek]

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