How to break into a Prius with a laptop and an hour to spare

Here at AutoblogGreen, we just love the fuel-efficient Prius. We love it so much, we almost want to break into every one we see and drive them away. The Prius has a pretty good anti-theft system... and stealing cars is not legal. The Supreme Court has not yet legalized theft but the code for opening the Prius has been broken. One down, one to go.

Research groups are claiming they cracked Keeloq, the security system used in key fobs by Toyota as well as GM, VW, Fiat, Chrysler, Daewoo, Honda, Jaguar, and Volvo. Seems some things were leaked to a Russian hacking website allowing the researcher to open the door and start the car. It takes an hour, so if you see a college kid with a lap top hanging around your Prius... for a really long time, he might be trying to steal it.

[Source: Slashdot via Wired, Register]

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