Enerize and FiFe joining to produce Li-Ion batteries for hybrid vehicle

As it seems that Li-Ion batteries are the way to go for hybrid vehicles, because not only have two companies - FiFe and Enerize - announced they have teamed up to mass-produce them but they also include information on their developments in the product.
The agreement includes Fife's use of Titanium Oxide (TiO2) batteries and Enerize's high conductivity/high tap density Magnesium Oxide (MnO2) together with modified natural graphite to manufacture these in factories. Both companies also announced that they will use other lithium-ion technologies such as electrolyte additives which guarantee cycle stability (so the batteries have a longer life), plus a new electrode coating process that delivers more power on-demand.

Moreover, their additions to the technology include new non-destructive testing methods, so they can be used for better quality control. Their aim is to produce higher quantities at lower cost so the batteries can be used widely in the battery industry, in all sorts of hybrid and/or electric vehicles.

[Source: FiFe Batteries and Enerize Corporation]

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