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Brits are fatter, now their crash test dummies should be too

We Americans seem to be getting fatter every year, and it appears we're not alone. Over in the UK, sedentary jobs, less walking, and bigger meal-sizes have given the Brits a more portly perspective, and as a matter of safety, their crash test dummies may follow suit. In the 1950's, the average UK male tipped the scales at about 170 lbs., and the average has only nudged up by a few pounds, but since 22-percent of British men are overweight, testing could soon be done with dummies weighing up to 224 lbs.

The Euro NCAP thinks valuable information can be obtained from the chunkier dummies, as the studies could show how larger mass results on more stress on the seat belt, and a greater chance of coming into contact with the car's interior parts. Researchers are also looking to use for the first time a smaller mannequin that represents a woman that is in the fifth-percentile of all adult females. It makes sense that the UK uses larger, heavier dummies like we do here in the States, but at £100,000 per crash tester, we think the technology-packed dummies should come with some donuts and a latte.

[Source: Daily Mail via Winding Road]

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