If you thought a bug flying into your windscreen was a simple annoyance, think again. A new survey from the UK claims that 650,000 motorists in the UK have crashed in the last year due to the pesky little critters making contact at high speeds with their windscreens.

The survey was conducted by esure insurance, which also concluded that the costs associated with all the squashed bugs amounts to $88,000 per year. More than 1,000 motorists identified insects as the second biggest distraction on the road, edged out by strong sunlight as the number one cause of distraction.

Most were distracted by the bugs hitting the windscreen, with 4% admitting they usually slam the brakes when this occurs. Another 22% of respondents said they actually let go of the steering wheel momentarily to swat a pesky insect in the cabin. Of all the nasty bugs in the insect world, stinging wasps were rated as the most feared followed closely by bees and spiders.

[Source: What Car]

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