Pennyslvania town coppers get plug-in squad car

Take a 2000 Chevrolet Impala, convert it to all-electric power, give it to the Connellsville, PA police department and you've got America's first-in-the-nation BEV police cruiser. While it took two years to from idea to this week's press conference announcing the unique vehicle, now that the Connellsville cops have the silent car, they should be able to maneuver quickly through required duties. Fleeing suspects should beware of all the power (torque) inherent in this car thanks to its electric motor. Just don't ask the police to drive it in heavy rain; police chief Steve Cooper and United First Responders LLC president Dick Oglevee said at the ceremony that the cruiser can't be used in heavy rain because standing water might destroy the electrical circuits, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Interested in the car's numbers? We've only got a few. Apparently, the Impala EV can be recharged for an eight-hour shift in just two hours from a 240-volt outlet (four hours from 110), and will cost 35 cents a shift to operate, according to Bob McGowan, vice president and general manager of the company that designed the car. If the officers and city are happy with the vehicle during the test period of the next two years, other communities in the state might see EV service vehicles reach their doors.

[Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, h/t to Domenick]

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