It's green: Eco-millionaires confident in green technology potential

Sometimes it's claimed that green technologies are very expensive and are not a good business investment. This is not something we claim here on AutoblogGreen because quite often environmental benefits also mean economic profits.

This idea is picked up in a recent article by Chris Willis of Reuters. He interviewed four guys that have become millionaires investing in green technology. Coming from four different backgrounds, locations and industries, they all agree that this industry is just starting and that there is a lot of money to be made. They also agreed on a feasible future green boom.

The protagonists of this story have made their respectable amounts of zeros by pioneering and investing in fields as diverse as solar energy, carbon trading schemes, wind power and carbon offsetting. Nevertheless, the four confirm that these emerging technologies need a boost (in name of tax breaks) to consolidate and more investment.

[Source: Reuters]

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