Weight is an important factor to consider when choosing a vehicle. So, while we admire the electric razor scooter, the lightest vehicle is probably the electric skateboard. The skateboard saves on weight by doing away with the scooter's control bar. While there is a model called Hover Board, Back to the Future 2 fans will be disappointed to hear it doesn't actually hover. The video above is a news report about that model, which can go as fast as 30 MPH but costs $700.

You can buy other electric skateboards for as little as $200 but that one will only go 9 MPH. There is a more expensive model that goes 15 MPH. Those skateboards come with a remote to control speed and braking. They can carry 150 pounds 15 miles per charge. They run on two 9 volt batteries. At just 75 pounds, we think it may be the lightest electric vehicle on the market. We are still searching for electric rollerblades though. If you are crazy enough to try this, please wear a helmet.

[Source: Discovery Channel Store, YouTube]

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