2007 International Police Vehicle Design contest winners announced

Every year for the past 20, Law and Order magazine has held the International Police Vehicle Design contest, and this year's winners were just announced. As far as we can tell (this ain't a rag you can run down to your local Borders and buy), there are two categories for the competition, one for municipal police departments with less than 50 members and one for Federal or State agencies.

The winner of the small town cop car category comes from the Hummelstown Borough Police Dept. in Pennsylvania. At first we were surprised that such a simple design was declared the winner, but after examining the Hummelstown cruisers, we grew fond of their design's bold simplicity. The word "POLICE" on the side of the cop-spec Dodge Charger couldn't be clearer. It almost looks like a movie car, in fact. Second place went to the Itasca Police Department near Chicago, whose Dodge Chargers wore much more expressive graphic than the Hummelstown cars.

As for the Federal and State agency awards, first and second place both went to state universities in New York. Top prize was awarded to the State University of New York at Buffalo for its Dodge Charger, while coming in second was SUNY Albany, which was the only Ford Crown Victoria to be honored in the top two of either category this year.

You can check out the design of each winning car in the gallery below.

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