No Turbo for you! Hilary Duff's manager nixes Porsche buy

It appears the sins of her peers have been visited upon super duper pop sensation Hilary Duff. Well, that and good business sense from her manager. Duff, who has done a pretty good job at not becoming infamous, wants to buy a Porsche Cayenne Turbo. It's her dream car. Her business manager's reaction to the 19-year-old Duff getting behind the wheel of a 500-hp SUV: "Nein." Just to make sure everyone was clear on the position, Duff said "he said I'm a terrible driver and don't need that kind of car." If she actually takes his advice -- and doesn't purchase a 911 Turbo as a consolation prize, say -- then score one for Hilary.

[Source: Digital Spy]

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