LoJack Europe foils Lamborghini Gallardo thieves

LoJack's international recovery network makes it increasingly difficult to escape its satellite eyes. Here's the best example yet. Two Albanian thieves broke into the Italian vacation of home of a Frenchman and knocked him out with sleeping gas. They then stole his French-registered Gallardo. When the man came to he called LoJack France and reported the car stolen. They called LoJack Italy, who turned on the recovery system, and located the car on its way to Naples. The Italian police were called, and bada-boom, bada-bing, you've got two rustlers behind bars and a wayward bull returned to its owner. LoJack also has a Mexico/US agreement to help ward off thieves closer to home. We wonder if the guys who lifted the Lambo got pulled over by this.

[Source: Telematics Journal and Inside Line]

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