How 'bout dipping your corn dog in some biodiesel? Minnesota State Fair gets biofuel exhibit

Starting today and continuing until September 3, the Clean Air Choice Team will be at the 2007 Minnesota State Fair in St. Paul to unveil something they're calling the "Clean Air Choice Fueling Station," handing out fuel coupons on a stick and in general promoting ethanol and biodiesel. The Path to Cleaner Air exhibit is part of the fair's Experience Exhibit and "tells the story of how Minnesota drivers became the largest users of cleaner-burning biofuels in North America, and how using these fuels prevent an enormous amount of air pollutants from darkening our skies and contributing to global warming." All while enjoying an elephant ear or two, I'm assuming.
"Our single biggest source of air pollution in Minnesota is our vehicles," said Bob Moffitt, communications director for the American Lung Association's cleaner fuels and vehicle technology program, in a statement he sent to AutoblogGreen. "Fortunately, Minnesota is one of the few states where many drivers can choose a cleaner-burning alternative fuel, such as E85 or biodiesel, instead of traditional fuels." Once you've been through the exhibit, it's your call: you can enjoy the rides or go pester the operators and see if they're using biodiesel in their generators. Whatever makes you happy, and don't forget to check out Goo Goo Dolls, Garrison Keillor and Def Leppard (PDF) on the main stage.

[Source: Bob from ALAMN]

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