Consumer Reports debuts crash-in theater

Oh how we all love a good car crash, but finding good, slow-motion automotive carnage on the Web hasn't been all that easy to find. Until now. Consumer Reports has put hours of crash-test video from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety online, free for anyone to see.

We've already lost hours of productivity to CR's new Crash-In Theater and we're sure you will too. We highly recommend watching the frontal offset test of the 2000 Dodge Neon. It's just amazing how bent out of shape the door frame gets and surprising how much air the rear tires achieve. Oh, and the narrator says the steering wheel actually snapped off from the steering column. That can't be good.

While we found the videos highly entertaining, used- and new-car shoppers will surely find the videos and accompanying analysis beneficial. For those shopping for a used Pontiac Transport, you really, really should watch that video. For those squeamish about seeing a crash-test dummy pretty much destroyed, you really, really shouldn't.

[Source: Consumer Reports]

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