BP board member confirms company's interest in butanol and CO2 capture

During a conference about climate change held in Asturias, Spain, a board member of BP, Luis Javier Navarro (completely unrelated to me) affirmed that butanol is a key factor in future fuels and that BP is investing in them. He said biofuels that compete with the food industry are an "error" and biofuels should otherwise be obtained from waste.

About CO2 capture, Mr. Navarro also spoke about how BP is reinjecting CO2 into empty natural gas fields thus managing to have at least one plant which produces no CO2. He also commented about BP's upcoming plans in generating electricity in Scotland from natural gas, with the resulting CO2 being reijected into empty oil fields under the North Sea.

Last and not least, he saw no immediate substitution for oil-derived fuels for at least 40 years. Instead he offered the alternative that the oil industry should try to be as carbon efficient as possible. Of course, he asked for a stable legal frame to guarantee further developments.


[Source: Europa Press via Econoticias]

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