Albuquerque paper wary about Tesla's Whitestar plant promises

There was much excitement in Albuquerque when Tesla Motors announced in February that its upcoming WhiteStar electric sedan would be built in the New Mexican city. Six months on, a local newspaper, the Albuquerque Tribune, is saying " Don't hold your breath on Tesla Motors plant."

The Tribune recognizes that Tesla's announcement was a big deal, but wonders why no construction work has begun. The editorial reads, in part:

One of the biggest development stories yet to pay a local dividend is the promise of the Tesla Motors electric car plant, which the company said in February it had expected to begin building in the Cordero Mesa West Side business park "at the latest" in April.

Now, as Tribune reporter Erik Siemers' article - "Electric car plant still only on paper" - said Monday, company officials aren't exactly sure when they'll proceed.

Tesla spokesman Daryl Siry told the paper that Tesla wants to have the WhiteStar design nailed down on paper before building the plant and that delays with getting the Roadster's Job One out the door are influencing the Albuquerque timeline. The Tribune also says that Tesla "asked for a 30-day extension on committing to the plant" last month. I've got faith in Tesla, and I hope the cautious steps in New Mexico don't foreshadow a serious delay in getting WhiteStar vehicles to customers in or around 2010.

[Source: Albuquerque Tribune]

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