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Santana claims they have the "greenest SUVs on the market"

Many of our readers probably don't know Santana. The Spanish company basically builds renewed versions of known SUVs licensed from Land Rover (which they call Anibal) and Suzuki (300/350) fitted to modern Peugeot-Citroën (PSA) diesel engines. The factory is in the south of Spain, in the province of Jaen.

Nevertheless, a "surprise" arrived recently when the marque announced that its full range would fall under the second lowest new Immatriculation Tax bracket in Spain. That means that Santana can sell their sub-compact SUVs with a reduction in that tax from 7 to 4.75 percent. This isn't a whole lot of money, but the categorization is quite surprising, and something Santana can claim on their advertising.

In this case, the models 300 / 350 (which are revamped versions of the 90s Suzuki Vitara in 3 and 5 doors respectively) are fitted with a 1.6 HDi engine sourced from PSA good for 90 HP which is currently one of the best diesel powertrains for CO2 emissions. It's good for 5.7 l / 100 km (42 mpg) in European mixed cycle and 149 CO2 g/km.

[Source: Autoblog en Español and Santana Motor]

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