Mercedes Pens: The write way to pimp a car

When we got the tip on this one, we felt the need to give it top coverage. You are looking at Costas Schuler's Mercedes Pens, covered in at least (depending on the day, he says) 5,000 used writing instruments. Why, you ask? We're guessing something just clicked one day and he thought it was the write thing to do. So he got on the ball and, using silicone and donated pens, made his point.

Schuler takes the car cross country, making an indelible mark on all those who see it. After all, a car covered in pens is bound to make a permanent impression.

A cursive glance will reveal a C-pillar covered in markers, the hood's star design composed of mostly ballpoints, and to cap it all off, the car's emblem is even embellished with a pen. There aren't many photos of the car's interior, but we hope the door pockets are equipped with protectors.

More photos are available in our gallery.

Thanks for telling us about your remarkable composition there, Costas!

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