Enthusiast starts petition to save the PT Cruiser

Scott Kissinger knows a thing or two about Chrysler's PT Cruiser. In fact, he knows enough about it to have started ptenthusiasts.org in 1999, before the the PT was even for sale.

So as one who loves the PT Cruiser and who also has an investment of time and money in the nameplate, we imagine Kissinger pretty much freaked out when he heard Chrysler might not continue producing a retro wagon. So he started a petition to encourage Chrysler's new owners to bring the Cruiser back for a second generation. And he's got several good points.

You can read the entire petition on Kissinger's site, savethept.com, or after the jump, but here are a few of the most insightful points it makes. First, the PT continues to be Chrysler's second-best selling vehicle. Second, the car's distinct styling has inspired legions of dedicated fans and enthusiast groups who would be about ready to replace their first Cruiser with a newly re-designed one. Third, not only should Cerberus continue Cruiser production, the company should retain the 1930s hot-rod look, but also introduce more variants including a two-door coupe much like the original Pronto Cruizer concept, as well as a two-seat roadster akin to the Prowler, but with a usable trunk.

I have to admit some bias here. I've owned a PT Cruiser since 2001, when I drove more than three hours to buy an Inferno Red 5-speed PT. Since then it's been the best car I've ever owned and I, too, find it hard to believe Chrysler is considering abandoning seven years of success, and 2006 sales of almost 140,000 cars. I've signed the petition and I encourage those who appreciate highly usable utility, packaged in distinct sheet metal to do the same.


Cerberus Capital Management L.P.
Chrysler LLC

To Whom It May Concern:

We, the undersigned, would like to respectfully present the following.

1. The PT Cruiser has done exceptionally well in the marketplace.

a. Sales of the PT in North America, even in the 7th year without major updates are second only to the much newer Chrysler 300, exceeding the sales of even the brand new Sebring.

b. Over the course of the 7 years the PT Cruiser has been on sale, by Chrysler's own admission, sales have totaled well over 1.2 million copies world-wide.

c. Sales have remained strong, even with little investment on the part of Chrysler to provide updates or more than token special editions.

d. The PT Cruiser, in a time when Chrysler is pushing to become a player in markets outside North America, has found success in dozens of countries.

e. The PT Cruiser has generated such incredible enthusiasm from its owners, that numerous national, international, and regional clubs; several aftermarket vendors and customizers; and many web sites have been devoted to the car.

f. Many PT Cruiser buyers were conquest buyers - coming from cars not built by Chrysler or its affiliates.

2. The market is ripe for cars like the PT Cruiser

a. Small cars are making a come-back in a world of ever increasing fuel prices.

b. Previous owners of large utility vehicles are looking for replacements that do not sacrifice utility even in smaller packages.

c. Sales of similarly themed vehicles (Chevrolet HHR, for example) are strong and growing. This signifies that the market for heritage-themed vehicles is strong even among buyers that have not already purchased a PT Cruiser.

We would like to suggest the following.

1. A new PT Cruiser should be built.

2. It should be offered in a retro-themed form similar to what is currently available.

3. Chrysler should, as finances allow, consider building more variants of the PT Cruiser as have been requested by the PT Cruiser community in the past.

4. We, the undersigned, would be interested in buying at least one and would recommend them to family and friends much like we have in the past 7 years.

Respectfully yours,

The Undersigned

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