Comedy Central 'Address(es) The Mess' and you can too

Is being an environmentalist funny? How about wanting to green your car? If you said no, why not check out Comedy Central's website, Address The Mess. On the site you will find video clips which are sometimes pretty funny, especially when you consider that many of them are pointing a sarcastic finger at those who choose not to be green. Whether or not you believe in mankind's role in global warming, you do probably see the mess that is often left behind our wakes. And, I am sure that you can smell the exhaust and see the smog from driving our cars. So, we all do have a vested interest in being green, and if you are reading our site, you probably are interested in the greening of your car too. So, click here for some tips offered up by Comedy Central. Most of them are obvious, but it will give you a good excuse to see the rest of their site and watch some funny clips.

Comedy Central has said that they have gotten numerous responses from people who say that the environment and global warming are of interest to their viewers, which is why they have chosen to develop an entire site dedicated to the topic. Good for them!

Also of note is the roasting of Flavor Flav. Why in the world is it interesting? Because it is Comedy Central's first ever carbon neutral production. Flavor Flav - you know what time it is!

[Source: Address The Mess]

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