Pebble Beach Week 2007: Aston Martin DBS brings Bond to the commoner man

Although we did our best to get around to all of the events up in Monterey last week, the fates sometimes conspired against us. Bear with us then as we play a bit of catch-up this week and share some pics of the unveilings and debuts you may have missed. Here we show off a few shots of the more track-like DBS from Aston Martin. Finished in a bluish silver or silvery light blue depending on your vantage point (Ha ha, vantage), we're still a bit conflicted about this newest top rung Aston. While the recently retired Vanquish was all brutal muscle with some semblance of elegance still there, this DBS looks a bit tuner-like, and although it looks like it might be comfortable at a track-day event, it loses some of the fluidity of design that has been the hallmark of recent Aston Martin design. We'll reserve judgment until after one spends some time in the AB garage (fingers crossed!). There are plenty of media pics available by clicking here and some additional pricing details that slipped directly from the horse's mouth available by clicking here.

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