Hey, another event offsetting CO2 emissions

It seems that if you organize some kind of big event and you want to give at least a layer of green paint to it, there's nothing like carbon offsetting. Such is the case for the Tourism World Organisation (UNTWO) meeting which is being held October 1st in Davos, Switzerland. The UNTWO recommends to all the participants to contract CO2 offsetting schemes, both for the travel to the organisation and the hotel stay.
The UNTWO is also participating in an upcoming United Nations meeting on Climate Change. According to its president, Geoffre Lypman, the organisation wants clearly to send a message claiming that carbon offsetting can be an easy way to help the environment, accompained with "adaptation, alleviation and new technologies".

Nevertheless, such an event has a special significate: Tourism is responsible of a remarkable amount of pollutants due to travel and at least the initiative is set to encourage minimising the effects.

[Source: Europa Press]

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