VW R32: So fast you'll need shorter songs

To emphasize just how quick its new Golf R32 hot-hatch really is, Volkswagen has mailed out a CD to potential customers and dealers containing some very short road-trip songs. The album, simply titled 'Short Car Songs,' contains three short classics, such as 'One Green Bottle,' 'It's a long way to Tip,' and 'She'll be coming around the mountain,' and is aimed at grabbing attention for the new car and getting people into showrooms to check it out.

Don't write this concept off as a waste perfectly good plastic just yet. Results on previous launches using this promotion have shown test drives going up 75% and sales up 25% on initial forecasts. All from simply mailing out a CD? Perhaps next time the songs should be distributed digitally via the iTunes Music Store.

[Source: Ads of the World via German Car Blog]

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