This is Autospy agent 001's video of a special racing edition of the Lexus GS450h Hybrid. If you thought the MSRP of $55,000 was just too low and you simply needed more features, the Bridgehampton may be for you. It celebrates the glory days of auto racing. Some tweaking of the wheels and hood. Great rims :D Stitching to enhance the racing feel. The exhaust is smoothed over.

The car was shown at the Quail event. Which fits perfectly with the name Bridgehampton, which is a hamlet known for horse racing and golf courses. With a median income for a family of $74,583, according to Wikipedia, I guess I can understand why Lexus decided to name the car after them. Autospies also has videos of other hybrids like Lexus LS600h; the reclining back seat, the amazing front seat and TINY, TINY trunk. Below the fold is Autospies' video review of the 2007 Nissan Altima hybrid.

[Source: Youtube]

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