Vespa giving motorbikes as a prize for winning video

First of all, let's admit that I love Vespas. I even got my motorbike's license riding a PX 125 (quite a number of years ago...) but this is nice: Piaggio USA is launching a campaign in which you can participate if you enjoy creating your own videos. So starting today you can win one of the three Vespas if your video is the winner.

The video has to be filmed according to a mini-website called Vespanomics (Under the Go Green section) the Italian iconic scooter brand has launched about the benefits that Vespa claims come from using motorbikes for commuting instead of cars. A motorbike displaces much less weight than any car, so fuel consumption is lower, thus reducing pollutants. They also take less space on the road. I wonder what Southern Europeans would do without scooters in their already congested cities and I'm not sure either about promoting scooting between the cars as some bikers do anyway. Of course, let's not speak about riding on icy roads in winter (although I've seen people doing that).

Of course Vespa is placing itself as the marque for chic scooters, claiming that it's helped defining what "fashion, music and film" are. Nevertheless, it's a great chance to spirit up your creative side and maybe get a new scooter. Visit the link for more information.

[Thanks to Mike Werner from Motorbiker for the tip]

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