eBay find of the day: Goggomobil Shopper

Once again, it bears repeating that the Smart FourTwo is not even close to being the first of its kind. Itsy-bitsy cars have been around since the car was invented, and here is further proof of that. What you are looking at is a Goggomobil Shopper. According to Winding Road, the car was "developed by Hans Glas in the Bavarian town of Dingolfling". Although this model of Goggomobil is quite boxy, check out some of their other cars. They had a mini pickup, an awesome convertible and a van too. According to the auction listing, parts are pretty easy to find, and this example seems to be in pretty darn good shape. Go Go Gadget Shopper!

I don't imagine that you'll be heading out on the highway with the 300cc engine and four-speed manual with floor shifter, but for a city car, this design might prove adequate. Rust might not be too much of a worry with the plasticized sheetmetal body. Pretty cool stuff from back in the sixties. What goes around, comes around!

[Source: eBay via Winding Road]

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