Woodward Dream Cruise 2007: The muscle

If there's one thing Detroit does really well, it's muscle. It was almost impossible to click a shutter without catching some marque's 1960s sports car. We found ourselves having to cut down a muscle car photo library from hundreds of photos to our select favorites, which you can enjoy by clicking the image above or gallery link below.

A visitor to Woodward on Saturday would have plenty reason to believe classic, Hemi-powered Mopars were in no way rare. There were numerous Chargers, Challengers and Superbirds. Firebirds flew down the avenue beside each other, Goats ran with Mustangs and Cudas swam with the Stingrays. As if to keep things lively, an occasional Cobra or Trans Am would fly by, exhaust growling, occupants grinning as they should.

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