Woodward Dream Cruise 2007: The Classics

Click on the Volvo for a high-res gallery of some of the classics on Woodward

Tens of thousands of cars crammed Woodward Ave and the surrounding area on Saturday, with a large percentage of them being of an age that would be called "middle" if they were human. Many of these more mature machines even stretched into the octogenarian range and beyond.

The vast majority of the cars stopping, starting and parked were domestically-produced but there were numerous exceptions. The imports ranged from the mundane to the exotic, including a 1965 Volvo B18 (shown above) to Rollers and Bentleys. Elsewhere, Porsches shared the road Corvettes, and an old Dodge proved that pickups weren't always the monster trucks the Rams are today. Check out the gallery for a sampling of what we saw.

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