We have written about PML FlightLink's mini before. The news report in the video above has a few more details and a look under the hood, so we thought we would give you a look. The mini has four in-wheel motors and a battery under the hood. It also has a gas engine in the back that recharges the battery. This gives the car a 900 mile range. Zap liked that so much they ordered $10 M's worth for the Zap-X.

A few facts from the video. The battery is lithium. The gas engine in the back is smaller than a motorbike engine. It has regenerative braking. Learning computers, based on neural networks, control the motors and make 4,000 calculations a second. The car hits the test track this Summer. Chris Newman of PML claims a fourth of cars will be electric drive in five years.

He says every car company has looked at this and found it to the best model for cars. GM is developing the Volt which has a very similar set up. Even Toyota may follow suit, showing off a plug-in model recently. Is a serial Toyota hybrid far behind? Is the series hybrid the car of the future? Hard to argue with a 900-mile range. The series hybrid's time may have come.

[Source: YouTube]

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