Meadow Brook Concours 2007 - Vintage four cylinder bikes

Click on the 1913 Pierce Four for a high res galley of bikes at Meadow Brook

One of the special features of this year's Meadow Brook Concours was a collection of 40 four-cylinder motorcycles. The bikes on display ranged from a 1904 FN 4 with its shaft drive up to a 1969 Honda CB750. The transverse-engined Honda ushered in the beginning of the modern four-cylinder motorcycle era that includes most modern sportbikes.

Some of the others included a 1913 Pierce Four, which was one of the last from the entity spun off from the Pierce-Arrow car company. Harley-Davidsons and Indians were also well-represented in the crowd. Most four cylinder bikes fell by the wayside by 1948, although Ariel soldiered on until 1959.

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