eBay find of the week: Mazda FD RX-7 equipped with Grand National turbo'd V6

Here's another example of liking the individual hardware pieces, but being repulsed by the idea of the ultimate combination. RX7s are cool. Grand Nationals are cool. But a vehicular mash-up of a 1993 RX-7 powered by a Buick GN's V6 seems a little weird. Weird to think that it even gets past regulatory agencies, as it's an older, totally alien engine in a newer car, which might make it interesting to register in a state with California emissions. The swap is well done, though, even if we'd question the handling a heavier and much more powerful engine in the snout brings with it. It's fast, but does it understeer like a pig and snap the tail out? The seller seems to have focused on posting low elapsed times in the quarter mile, so think about that when you conjure what the dynamics may be. Follow the jump for more.

[Source: eBay via Carscoop]

3rd-generation RX-7's are not only the zenith of the model's performance abilities, they're also the end of the line (so far) for the 2-door Wankel sports car. Turbo models were fitted with a staged turbocharger system that used two different compressors to boost power across the entire rev range. It was effective in stock trim, though it's less than celebrated by the crowd that likes to tweak on their 7s. Grand Nationals, too, were the baddest of badass A/G body GMs. The 231 V6 with a Garrett snail hung off the front was impressive in stock form, is capable of silly-to-ridiculous power levels when fiddled with, and still returns reasonable fuel mileage,which mirrors the seller's claim. As much as we recoiled at the initial thought of this particular swap, the car is obviously fussed over. Shoot, it's got a Dana 44 rear from a Viper for crying out loud, and it is an appropriate shade of GN black. Gather something north of 16 grand together and bid away!

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