Siemens brings a prototype Mercedes C-Class to Woodward Dream Cruise

It is no secret that one potential problem with lithium ion batteries is the fact that they get hot. GM had issues with their batteries overheating when they drove their hydrogen Sequel's 300 miles, and Tesla has their pack sealed and liquid cooled to beat the heat. Siemens is interested in getting in on the hybrid game, especially for performance oriented hybrids like those sold by Lexus. They are using a Mercedes C-Class sport coupe as a test-bed for their hybrid systems and are working on cooling solutions for the battery pack mounted in the trunk. The vehicle on which this concept is based has a 1.8 liter supercharged four-cylinder engine, which allows for decent performance, but when the two motors of the hybrid kick in to help out, it transforms into a powerhouse. The concept car can reach sixty mph in just six seconds while cutting gasoline usage by nearly a quarter.

"This car will beat those muscle cars on Woodward off the line," Siemens spokesman David Ladd said as the company was showing the vehicle off at the Woodward Dream Cruise.

[Source: Detroit News, thanks for the tip, Mark!]

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