Ford plans to cut rental sales again in 2008

Speaking with Automotive News, George Pipas, a Ford sales analyst, explained that the automaker will continue to cut its sales to rental fleets in 2008, but not to the extent that it did this year. In 2007, FoMoCo decreased the amount of vehicles offloaded to rental lots by 30-percent, or 135,000 units.
The cuts next year will be spread evenly across Ford's lineup, rather than focusing on one or two specific models. However, the automaker still plans to pursue fleet sales to government and commercial entities, as it provides a substantial source of income.

Pipas goes on to say that although Ford wants to reduce the Blue Oval's rental car saturation, those programs provide the automaker a place for consumers to interact with its vehicles first hand, and it may compel some to head to their local dealer to pursue a more long-term relationship.

[Source: Automotive News – Sub. Req.]

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