Busted by E-ZPass: Divorce lawyers use toll device to snag cheaters

Automated toll collectors like E-ZPass have been around for a while now, and while they make life easier for commuters, they can come back to bite 'em too. Case in point: use your E-ZPass to get to a little extra-curricular extra-marital appointment, and you make it E-Zer for your spouse's attorney to nail you when the inevitable divorce proceedings come to pass.
Lawyers with E-ZPass records in hand make short work of lying, cheating spouses. The electronic breadcrumbs these devices leave make it a snap to show when someone went somewhere they they claim they didn't. Of course, all the offender needs to do is leave the thing at home or stick it in the glovebox and presto: problem solved. For some of them, however, waiting in line to pay tolls in cash is too much to ask. So you might say that E-ZPass makes the cheaters pay twice - once at the toll, and then again in court. And that second payback's a real bitch.

[Source: WCBS-TV NY]

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