Biofuels: responsible for the rising price of tortilla's, milk, coffee and... gummy bears?

Besides being dashing and daring, courageous and caring, faithful and friendly; Gummy bears are also rather addictive. The squishy candy bears, which have reportedly been bouncing here and there and everywhere, seem to be rising in price due in part to the rising price of sugar.

Marco Alfter, a spokesman for Bonn-based gummy bear-maker Haribo, says, "We're going to maintain current prices through the end of the year. The decisive factor will be if the government continues to subsidize the burning of food." This, of course, is referring to subsidies offered to farmers to produce biofuels.

At this time, there is no word on whether the price of the super-secret gummy beary juice is going to rise as well.

[Source: Treehugger]

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