New biodiesel plant opens in Adrian, Michigan

Michigan is looking to get into the biofuels game as much as they can. Considering that Detroit is the birthplace and home of the motor industry in America, it seems proper that they should ride the biofuel wave as more and more cars come out of the Big Three that can use either E85 or biodiesel in their tanks. We previously told you about an ethanol plant that was to be one of the largest in the country, and now Detroit News let's us in on the announcement of a new biodiesel plant in Adrian Michigan, close to Detroit. NextDiesel is opening the plant, which will use animal fats and soybean oil to make the biofuel. The diversity of the source product is designed to make it easier for the plant to weather price fluctuations in the marketplace. Employing about 25 workers, the plant will double the current amount of biodiesel made in Michigan. The same article mentions that Xenerga Inc. is set to open a plant in Michigan as well, using recycled oils like restaurant grease, which seems to make sense. Using a waste product as a source sounds like an ideal way to recycle an unwanted by-product of our unhealthy diets.


[Source: Detroit News]

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