Biofuels can be a menace for water resources

The headline is the affirmation of the specialists at Stockholm's World Water Week. Actually the Stockholm International Water Institute claims that in 2050, crops used to yield biofuels will double agriculture water usage. Since 74 percent of water is used for agriculture already, this can add a serious stress to current water resources.
At the same conference, the Comisión Económica para América Latina (Latin American Economic Commission) said that some of the plans designed to help poor countries to develop a biofuel industry are against the reality of water shortage, such as the case of Perú (a country that surely has other issues to worry about now).

Other experts claimed as well against other side effects of this new intensive agriculture: land concentration into a few hands, leaving poor farmers out of business; deforestation and use of pesticides which can damage human health. What's your opinion in this debate? Do you share this group's views on the disaster that biofuels are/aren't/might be?

[Source: World Water Week via Glocalia]

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