So. Cal Speed Shop ups the ante with Stage-4 Roadster

Building a car from the ground up, even in kit form, ain't easy. Forget about installing an engine and transmission. That's easy compared to getting body panels and doors to align or electrical systems to work together. And all that tedious stuff is at least one reason most of us don't have hot rods sitting in our garages. Never mind the cost.

One company that understands all that and more is So-Cal Speedshop. They should, they've been building rods since 1946. Now they're offering time-strapped or inpatient hot-rodders a So-Cal Stage 4 Hiboy Roadster. For just less than $40,000, you get a steel '32 Ford Deuce-style body and chassis complete with all brake and fuel lines, suspension pieces, So-Cal windshield, steering wheel, guages and fuel tank. Drop in some Mexican blanketed seats and the drivetrain of your choice and you're ready for the strip. Later you might even add some paint for a little show with your go.

No, $40k isn't exactly cheap for what's basically a hot rod shell, but think of all the time and headaches that money could save you.

Get all details from So-Cal after the jump.

[Source: Motor Trend]

A rolling step boxed pinched-nose buggy spring frame.

* As cast 4' dropped I-beam axle and polished S/S front end.
* Vega cross-steering.
* SO-CAL Front Brakes.
* 9" Currie rear end, complete new drum brakes, buggy sprung suspension with ladder bars.

A factory built steel Brookville body.

* The body is fit and shimmed to the frame.
* The steel firewall is recessed and filled to fit a Small Block Chevy or Ford.
* The doors are hung, fit and gapped as is the deck lid.
* Custom made marine plywood front floor boards and the rear floor is modified to clear the 9' rear end.
* The body has been re-enforced with a tubular x-member behind the seat and has a custom made quarter panel turnbuckle system for added strength to the sides of the body.

Other features

* SO-CAL Speed Shop windshield.
* SO-CAL Hot Rod Wheels including knock-offs, polished and fit with Firestone tires. (Or comparable wheel and tire combo of your choice.)
* Brake lines and fuel lines installed.
* Custom Glide seat brackets and seat belt mounts.
* Dash insert features 6 gauge package, Mullins hot rod alloy column and re-enforced mount and 4 spoke wheel.
* Fuel tank.
* Grille shell.

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